Ring Engineering AR-1

AR-1 Auto Reverse Module

The AR-1 is used to power special configurations of track such as below. Track configuration like below would cause a short circuit if connected without the use of an AR-1. Note that if you follow Rail A around you will notice that it connects to Rail B! That is just like putting a piece of metal across Rail A and Rail B which would cause a short circuit and would cause a power supply to shut down. The solution to power special track configurations like below is to add insulation gaps and power the sections with an AR-1. The AR-1 can also be used to isolate small sections of track, limiting the impact of short circuits if derailments occur to just one area of your layout.

Figure 1.

All Solid State Design
Simple Connection with Only 4 Wires
No Adjustments Necessary
Provides Short Circuit Isolation for a Section of Track
Status Indicator Light
Fast and Secure Spring Clamp Connecters
Fully Enclosed Circuit Board Electronics
Size: 4.60 x 3.00 x 1.18 inches

Our all solid state design has many advantages over relay based designs.  With the relay based designs we tested you could see the locomotive jerk when it crossed the gap at slow speeds.  With our AR-1 we saw no visible change in speed at all!  Further, compared to relay based designs, solid state units are far less likely to fail, switch many times faster and all without that annoying relay clicking sound.

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Package Contents:
AR-1 Turnout Control Module
User Manual

US Patent 8,807,487
Made In USA
Not recommended for persons under the age of 14


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