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Our Customer's Comments

We would like to thank all our customers that took the time to let us know that they feel our products are a great addition to their model railroad layout. Listed here is a few of their comments:


Your product is the best thing that has happened to modern era modelers since DCC!
Steve Berwick, Bellmawr, NJ, USA

I was on Holiday and visited Caboose Hobbies Shop in Denver Colorado where I purchased 10 of your End of Train Devices (5 EOT-33's and 5 EOT-36's). The Ring Engineering End of Train Devices are a Super Product.  The Best !!!!
Elmar Hofer
, Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

When I saw '5 minute installation' on the package, I laughed because in my mind, it would take me over an hour.  It took me 5 minutes to install!  Very simple and looks beautiful on the flatcar!  Flashes EXACTLY like the prototype!  I will be buying a few more of these!  Thanks!
Sam Rannochio
, Skokie, IL, USA

Tim, just a short note to let you know how happy I am with the Ring Engineering Product. On Saturday, July 14, 2007 I received my order; that is just incredible. I have installed the End of Train Device, 33" Wheels (EOT-33); it works perfectly. The directions are the best that I have used; they were complete and easy to understand. The installation pictures were excellent.
Ed Hurtubis - Fort Collins. CO, USA

Hi Guys, I just picked up your EOT Device today from my Hobby Shop and it works and looks great. Everyone who sees them are amazed at how realistic they look. I'll need a few more now to finish off the tail ends of all my trains. Keep up the great work.
Dale Yanke - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Gentlemen, I own four of your sets and would like to pass on how impressed I am with the quality of design, functionality and ease of installation.  Your products represent a significant advance in all areas.  In fact, I like them so much that I constantly recommend them to others in my HO Scale club.
Craig Walker
- San Leandro, CA, USA
Member of San Leandro Historical Railway Society

Both my EOTs arrived Saturday and went right in service. I took one to my local hobby shop and we ran it on his layout in both analog and DCC and it performed flawlessly. I also took it to my local model railroad club today, everyone loves it!

Jeffrey Hartung - Ravenna, OH, USA

I just got my EOT device installed on a box car this past week. I wanted to let you know that it is really great!  It looks and works great.  This simple device really adds another dimension to a model railroad that brings it just one more step closer to the real thing.  Thanks for a great product.

For anyone modeling a railroad in an era of the EOT device, these things are a "MUST".
Paul Smith - Lincoln, ME, USA 

Very nice unit, looks great and works great.
Jerry Van Wallinga - Sonoma, CA, USA

We had an awesome response to the EOT's (At the Big Valley event). A fair number of people expressed serious interest in the product, and I would expect you'll be seeing a fair number of orders from folks in Chilliwack and Camrose. I hope you see lots of business. A few even in the group who didn't get in on the original order are saying "next time we put an order in, make sure you count me in!"

Thanks again Tim for such a wonderful product!
Jon Calon - Calgary, AB, Canada
Member of Calgray Free-mo www.calgaryfreemo.ca

Awesome device, easy to install and looks great on my DCC trains. Thanks for the new invention and keep up the good work.
Kamal Zafar - Upland, CA, USA

Just wanted to say thanks for speedy service. I installed the unit and it looks great. I'll be taking it to the club Sat and showing it off. The club is Suncoast Model Railroad Club in Largo, FL.
Stanley Jackowski - Valrico, FL, USA
Member of Suncoast Model Railroad Club www.suncoastmrrc.com

I ordered an EOT device from Ring Engineering last week and got it a few days later. It works really great! I've been looking for such device for a while and when I saw your add in the August issue of "Model Railroader" I realized I had finally found it. Years ago I read an article suggesting a led to be installed inside a box car to simulate an EOT device but it wouldn't be prototypical at all! Your tiny, easy to install and prototypical device is perfect and I'm really glad I bought one.

Congratulations for the excellent product you guys brought to us!
Alberto Nascimento - Heathrow, FL, USA

Am enjoying my EOT on the layout very much. Nice job; very nice job!
Peter Cresci - Lutherville, MD, USA
Member of Baltimore Society of Model Engineers www.modelengineers.com

For the modern modelers out there, I spotted the Ring Engineering ad in the August and September issues of MR.  I visited their website and subsequently ordered two of their EOT units with the 36" wheels.  Once I received the package, I installed one on an Athearn coalporter in under five minutes and was enjoying operation moments later! The unit is clean and well detailed.  I have now ordered two more of the 36" sets and two of the new sets with 33" wheels that will work for most well cars and even the massive Auto Max!  This is one nice piece of equipment! Hats off Ring Engineering!

Posted on Atlas RR Forum by
Jeff Thaxton - Goode, VA, USA

I ordered the EOT with 33 inch wheels from you last week.  It came within 5 days.  Amazing service!!! I will be emailing Model Railroader about it because I am thoroughly pleased.  There are few times when a product can be said to be absolutely outstanding -- and this is one of those times. Excellent work.  I'm looking forward to whatever future gizmo's you have in mind.

Daniel Egy - Holly Springs, NC, USA

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