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US Patent 8,807,487 and Patent Pending

LM-3S RailPro HO Scale Locomotive Module with Sound

- Direct Radio RF transceiver built in
- 6 Light Outputs
- Downloadable sounds and much more
- Tiny size for easy installation

Price $99.99 MSRP


CI-1 RailPro Computer Interface

- Add Direct Radio to your computer
to setup and control
RailPro products

Price $39.99 MSRP

DCC + Radio Control Video
Best viewed in full screen and in HD 1080!

RailPro DCC User Manual


WH-9 Wiring Harness

Quantity: Two per package

The WH-9 wiring harness can be used with all RailPro Locomotive modules.  The WH-9 conforms to NMRA 9 pin plug standard so it can be used for any DCC locomotive where applicable.  The WH-9 wiring harness can be used to add the required DCC 9 pin plug (JST) to a non-DCC locomotive. Or you can use it after removing all circuit boards from a DCC equipped or DCC ready locos (too allow a cleaner installation or make more room for a RailPro module). Please see LM instructions for actual wiring. 

Price $7.99

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I buy RailPro products? 

You can buy them form this internet site.  Also, Walthers is a distributor for our products and many other hobby shops sell our products.  For a complete list click here. Hobby Shop List. Not all resellers listed stock RailPro products. All shops listed can order RailPro products. If you send us an email we can recommend a shop in your area that specializes in selling RailPro products.


Can I operate a locomotive with RailPro on a DCC layout and use a RailPro handheld controller (radio control) too?  

Yes.  You can operate with a DCC controller then take control with a RailPro handheld controller (Radio Control).  If you are controlling with Radio Control, you need to stop the locomotive then get off the control page of the RailPro handheld controller (releases control) .  Then a DCC controller, that is set to zero speed, can begin to control the locomotive.  So you can seamlessly switch back and forth from DCC control to Radio control without changing any settings in the RailPro locomotive!

I see the older RailPro products have a "Direct Radio" logo and not "Direct Radio+NET" logo. Is there a difference?
No.  Our RailPro products have supported full networking capabilities from day one.  We are only changing the name to be sure people understand that RailPro is capable of both direct communications and full networking.  The Networking aspect and the fact that Direct Radio+NET was designed exclusively to run model trains really sets RailPro radio control apart form basically any other RF train control.

Should I be concerned about buying an older stock RailPro LM-3S locomotive module that does not have the new motion or Ultimate Sounds loaded?
No.  One great feature of all RailPro products with Direct Radio is that their program can be updated and their files updated too.  So you can use the CI-1 Computer Interface with HC Simulator software and update the program in the LM-3S to add True Motion Technology(TM) and you can load the Ultimate Series Sound file of your choice. Then you use button setup to add a 'Load' Button and a 'Brake' button to access those new capabilities.  Complete instructions are below.

What about RF interference?
Our RailPro system uses advanced technology like cell phones where many can be in use at the same time in the same area.  Our products are not like the easily disturbed RF products found in many toys.  This makes it unlikely that you will experience any interference.  Our products have worked successfully around wireless computer networks cell phones etc.  Any RF product may have, or cause, some type of interference but because of the technology that we use it is very unlikely. As of the time this posted, we have sold RailPro for many years and have not had a single confirmed instance of RF interference!

Will RailPro work in brass shell locomotives?
Yes. Several of our customers have said that they work ok in brass and full metal locomotives. The Model RR News installed one in a full die cast locomotive and told us that it worked well. RailPro locomotive modules will likely not have as much range in metal body (brass) locomotives because the RF signal may get attenuated.

Is RailPro available to other countries besides the USA?
No.  Currently Ring Engineering only ships RailPro products with Direct Radio to the USA.  RailPro products were designed to pass worldwide communication standards including USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Japan. However, currently we have only had RailPro tested for compliance with USA standards. RailPro is compliant with USA FCC standards. 

Made In USA
Not recommended for persons under the age of 14

Below User Manual describes how to update older RailPro Handheld Controllers and Locomotive Modules to use Ultimate Series Sounds and True Motion Technology(TM).

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