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LM-3S-G 'G' Scale Locomotive Module with Sound

The LM-3S-G is a module that you can install into a model train locomotive so the locomotive can be controlled and setup by a Ring Engineering RailPro Controller, such as the HC-2 Handheld Controller with a Color Touch Screen! After the LM-3S-G is installed in a locomotive, you will be able to control the locomotive speed, direction, up to 6 light outputs and sounds! The LM-3S-G has “Direct Radio” (RF transceiver) built inside. The built in RF module allows commands and data to be sent and received to and from the module. You can load a picture of your choice into the LM-3S-G module.  Then you will be able to touch the screen of the HC-2 to take control of your locomotive! You can even download new sounds and light effects using the built in Direct Radio!

The LM-3S-G is equipped with Direct Radio! This allows Ring Engineering Controlling Devices such as the HC-2, Handheld Controller with Color Touch screen, to control and configure your locomotive by sending and receiving data directly to the LM-3S-G through the air by use of RF transmission! The Direct Radio is very fast giving your locomotive quick response to your controls. Further, a controlling device can detect your LM-3S-G with just a few touches on the screen. Because of Direct Radio, you can load a picture of your locomotive to the LM-3S-G! You can also load Sounds, Light Effects and much more!

Your LM-3S-G is equipped with Rail Sonic HD Sound System!  This is Ring Engineering's technology that allows your LM-3S-G to produce realistic locomotive sounds!

Radio Load Sharing is a truly an innovative invention from Ring Engineering.   It allows your locomotives that are linked together (sometimes called Consisted or MU'ed) to actually share pulling power.  Only RailPro equipped locomotives use Direct Radio to talk to each other to be sure each locomotive pulls its share of the load! Even more amazingly, Ring Engineering's patent pending process only takes seconds to setup!

Six  light outputs.  Can be configured for multiple light effects on a single output including On/Off, Dim, Ditch, Mars, Strobe, and more!  Additional light effects can be loaded using DirectRadio!

Built in protection with fault reporting by Direct Radio!

Tiny size 3.35 x 1.32 x 0.57 Inches for easy fit.


Price $179.99

You will need a RailPro controller such as a HC-2 (Handheld Controller with Color Touch Screen - Not Included) to control, setup and monitor a LM-3S-G. Actual HC-2 screen shots are shown below!

Important:  If you are running your trains outside be sure to buy the model HC-2-SUN handheld controller instead of the standard model HC-2. The HC-2-SUN is easily readable in sunlight.  The HC-2 screen was designed for indoor use and looks real good inside.  Outside the standard HC-2 screen can look washed out when the sun shines on it.

Pages to Select and Control Locomotives


Pages to Setup Locomotives



Page to Monitor Locomotive


Instruction Sheet

Package Contents:
LM-3S-G Locomotive Module
WH-9 9 Pin Wiring Harness
Instruction Sheet

US Patent 8,807,487
Made In USA
Not recommended for persons under the age of 14


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