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Printed in Volume 12, Issue 9 September 2006 Page 40
This review has been published to this web site with permission of LampLight Publishing, publishers of Model Railroad News. 
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Our Comments on the Review

  • We believe Mike and Mary Acker have created a well written independent view of our product.

  • We would like you to note the passage where Mike Acker says "When put on the track its performance exceeded all of my expectations." Our advanced electrical and mechanical design allows for flicker free operation with only 4 wheels for electrical pickup.  Further, the operation on analog power works very well.

  • Please note in the upper left picture Mike admits the installation could look neater if the wires were simply twisted a few more times.  This can easily be accomplished by twisting the truck a few more times before assembling the truck to the car body.

  • Mike Acker was correct when he said the EOT would not fit on his 85 ft flat car because the wires were too short.  However, we now have available EOTs with long wire for such applications.  In addition to EOTs with long wires, we also have EOTs with 33" wheels.

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