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Power Supplies Tested with RailPro Locomotive Modules

RailPro LM-4S-G

WARNING:  Maximum operating voltage is 28 Volts. Absolute Maximum Voltage 30.0V.

Manufacturer Model Number Internet Link
Ring Engineering PWR-56 https://www.ringengineering.com/PWR-56.htm
DCC power supply* Various  
Battery** Various  
USA Trains RPT10 http://www.usatrains.com/usatrainspowerpacks.html
USA Trains RPT4 http://www.usatrains.com/usatrainspowerpacks.html

* DCC power supply that only has the signal described in NMRA DCC standards S-9.1 and S-9.2.
** Must be proper size, ratings, etc.

WARNING: We only list reputable power supply manufacturers that are well know for supplying quality and consistent  product.  However, Ring Engineering is not stating that it will be ok for you to use any power supply in this list beside the ones manufactured by Ring Engineering.  We are only stating that we tested our locomotive modules on other manufacturers power supplies and the ones we checked were compatible. Suppliers beside Ring Engineering may at any time make changes that may make the power supply incompatible and could possibly damage or possibly create a potential fire hazard with a Ring Engineering locomotive module.  It is not inconceivable that a power supply is incorrectly manufactured which may lead to such problems.  Use of other than Ring Engineering power supplies is at your own risk.  Ring Engineering is not liable for any incidental or consequential damages that may arise from your choice to use another manufacturers power supply. 

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